The Support Program will be comprised of three phases:

Individual Coaching

January 2023 - June 2023

(Closed for Applications)

Group Workshops

May 2023 - June 2023

(Registration Open Now)

Prototyping and Testing

January 2023 - June 2023

(Closed for Applications)

Workshop 1: 

Date and Time: 11th May 2023, 09:00-13:00.

Title: "Making a start on your Sustainability Journey".

Host: Environmental Research Institute (ERI) and LEO South Cork (Cork County Council) from Ireland. 

Description: There is now an expectation that businesses should be proactive in developing solutions to social and environmental challenges and delivering the future we want. Businesses need to prepare to meet rapidly changing customer and stakeholder expectations for sustainable products and services. This workshop will discuss why sustainability should be a key element of your business strategy, how to achieve the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit, and how to get started on your sustainability journey. The workshop will examine how to identify the most important sustainability issues within your company, and will explore how to measure your carbon footprint.

Workshop 2: 

Date and Time: 22nd May 2023, 11:00-13:00.

Title: "Funding for startups and SMEs in the blue economy".

Host: EMERGE, INNOVALIA and PLOCAN from Spain. 

Description: Looking to secure funding for your blue economy startup or tech-based company? Join our workshop to learn about financing opportunities available through European funds! Our expert speakers will provide valuable insights on how to access and apply for funding. We will also discuss best practices for developing a compelling proposal to increase your chances of success. This is an opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and tools to help you secure funding and grow your business in the blue economy.

Workshop 3: 

Date and Time: 1st June 2023, 10:00-12:00.

Title:  "A technical roadmap to deployment". 

Host: EMEC from Scotland. 

Description: This workshop will provide a technical overview of the stages of development from concept or laboratory phase to prototype and full scale deployment in open water of marine energy devices.This will include aspects of environmental consenting and marine licensing; data acquisition campaigns; lessons learned around test site deployments; power offloading / grid connection; and technology performance verification which promotes commercial investment.

Group Workshops:

Workshop 1

11th May 2023, "Making a start on your Sustainability Journey", hosted by the Environmental Research Institute (ERI) and LEO South Cork (Cork County Council) from Ireland (09:30-13:00)

Workshop 2

22nd May 2023, "Funding for startups and SMEs in the blue economy", hosted by EMERGE, INNOVALIA and PLOCAN from Spain (11:00-13:00). 

Workshop 3

1st June 2023, "A technical roadmap to deployment", hosted by EMEC from Scotland (10:00-13:00). 

Individual Coaching

Prototyping and Testing

ProtoAtlantic will enable successful applicants to have the opportunity to test and validate their technology at world renowned test facilities in Scotland, Ireland, Portugal or Spain. 

Applications are now CLOSED for Prototyping and Testing as part of the ProtoAtlantic Customized Seed Ideas and Scale Start-Ups Support Program.